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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Well, hard to tell if this is for real or not.....
[Clyven - The World's First Transgenic Mouse with Human Intelligence]

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Tuesday, February 11, 2003

[Konfabulator] seems interesting. [Arlo] is always doing interesting stuff, and I'm glad someone clued in that JavaScript is a very accessible language for non-programmers and gee, it's OSA compliant.
The [Mail Check Widget] looks interesting. Maybe I'll have a good idea for a project using it and whip something out to see how good Konfabulator is.

Wired even has an article on it:
[New Mac Tool Is Kon-Fabulous]

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So not only did the power go out last night, ensuring that I overslept, but the rain, wind, and clouds made sure my commute was 3 hours today, not the usual 45 minutes to an hour. And the MP3 player crashed on the way in and I had to fix it while driving. What fun!

Last night I spotted a stack of green CDs at Tower, which pretty much made my day. Tower had the whole new [Bile] catalog, which I of course snapped up. Now Bile may not actually be my numero uno most favorite band in the whole world, but it's a close second. [
, though, is probably my favorite album of all time. Not only is each song genius, but the whole album comes together as a piece of art. It's one of the few albums I can throw in the player and just let run with out skipping around between tracks. Sadly, Teknowhore is rather hard to find these days and my copy is a bit scratched up from heavy use.

Now the new album, [
Demonic Electronic]
, so far seems right up there with Teknowhore and the earlier [
. Radio stations, MTV, etc. use a lot of older Bile stuff as filler for station ads, so don't be surprised if I Reject sounds darn familiar.

Walking back to the car, arms full of ungainly packages and shopping bags, McD's bag precariously balancing on top of my forearm I passed the ever-fruity Abercrombie and Fitch store, which was closing for the night. Two of their "come hither" models were standing outside wearing clothes that were more of a testament to their slave-to-fascion (yes, fascion) lifestyle than a bow to the changing season. As I passed by the two one blurted out "If you eat that you're going to get a GUT!" in that oh-so-hackeysack way (if you went to a private school on the east coast, you'd know what I mean).
Was this a sales pitch? A come on?
I turned.
I leered, sensuously.
"They're not as gooolden brown as your spleen is going to be"
Not everyone can give that look to someone on command. What can I say, I'm a predator and I like it.

I'm writing this with the new beta of [NetNewsWire Pro], which so far seems pretty darn cool.

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Monday, February 10, 2003

Over the weekend I got the Pentium I 166 Micron machine partitioned and set up with BeOS 5, which was a breeze compared with trying to do the same on the eMachines Athlon 700. The eMachines continues to refuse to resize the drive with Partition Magic, and under BeOS PE it still won't talk to any network cards. Once I got the 166 running it didn't like the ATI Mach 64 video card, it would only run in VESA mode so I ran down to [PC Liquidator] saturday morning and picked up some more 3com cards and an ATI Rage II PCI card, as well as a Sony CD-R for the eMachines. With the Rage II card the Pentium 166 performs well with BeOS, and once again I'm using a real modern OS (even though using it requires pulling hardware off the other PC etc every time).

The eMachines did manage to ALMOST install XP Pro with the new Sony CD drive this time, it failed at the last step and had to uninstall, but managed to revert back to Windows 98 without any real problems. To get the AP up and running I still need to figure out a way to set up a linux kernel build environment, and I'm not having luck setting up VirtualPC with RedHat (2 versions have failed with the installer bailing on me). Oy. The things we do for progress.

I picked up some Oakley shoes yesterday, "Flesh Sandals" at Good See Co. on the beach in Venice, marked down to $40 from $90. So far they're pretty comfortable here at work but need some breaking in. And I started on the Valentine's Day plan... if things go well, she'll be wearing a shit eating grin for a while :)

Contrary to popular belief, not all guys are in it just for the [bang bang bang].

And it seems that hiccups are an [evolutionary artifact], which is interesting as all hell to me.

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