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Friday, January 17, 2003

AP Progress

So last weekend, after my frustrations with the SpeedStream PCI PCMCIA adapter, I borrowed the adapter that Larry had bought from [Netgate]. The netgate adapter is based on the [Ricoh chipset] and works perfectly in Linux.

So with a working PCI adapter, I tried setting up [cqure ap].

Follow the instructions:
The net-modules.tgz file can be downloaded here:
Be sure to modify cqureap.conf to set the ethernet driver you will be using.

The problem I have run into, however, is that the ethernet driver doesn't load. So the AP did come up, and I did get an IP and a strong signal from it, but since it had no ethernet driver working, it couldn't connect to the outside world, unfortunately. E-mails to cqure's author haven't been answered yet, so this weekend I'm going to mess with it some more to try and get it working.

Bottom line: if you're looking for a PCI to PCMCIA adapter, get [the one from Netgate], it works and works well.

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You know, I certainly wouldn't mind trying this... if I had some free time :(
And she would probably want to do this too, but it's today....
[1/17: Come be a part of the Ataris Music Video]
Though I don't know how she feels about the ataris in particular...

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This looks interesting, and probably a bit better than the Radio Shack gadget I have mentioned before...[WiFi-Sniffer]
Wi-Fi Sniffer, WFS-1, detects Wi-Fi availability by the press of a button. No longer do you have to boot up your laptop or walk around with your laptop turned on, hence reducing the risk of hard drive crashes. Pressing the button on the Wi-Fi Sniffer will tell you whether access is available.
No info on pricing or ordering that I found though.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Next on FOX: When China Attacks!

You think that Iraq is a big deal? You think al Queda is going to ruin your weekend plans with another "Paisley Alert" from the Justice Dept.?
[China’s Military Planners Took Credit for 9/11]
[PLA Colonels on "Unrestricted Warfare": Part I]
A few years back two Chinese Generals published a guide to winning a war against America, with catchy sounding chapters like..
Chapter 1:The Weapons Revolution Which Invariably Comes First
Chapter 2:The War God's Face Has Become Indistinct
Chapter 3:A Classic That Deviates From the Classics
Chapter 4:What Do Americans Gain By Touching the Elephant?

Chapter 5:New Methodology of War Games
Chapter 6:Seeking Rules of Victory: The Force Moves Away From the Point of the Enemy's Attack
Chapter 7:Ten Thousand Methods Combined as One: Combinations That Transcend Boundaries

The book reads more or less like a modern Sun Tzu, advocating unconventional manuever warfare such as terrorist attacks and attacks on a country's economy and infrastructure, much like the fictional Japan-India-China scenario in Tom Clancy's Debt of Honor.
It's quite interesting, and the Joint Chiefs have taken it very seriously. Liang and Xiangsui, the authors, push for subversion and terrorism as instruments of national policy goals, breaking America's will to fight rather than decisively engage the U.S. militarily...
Could these be the first shots in a war with China?
[Baby toy: 'I hate you']
[Saluting panda crashes party]

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Hmmm I'm not sure if [] is funny or not. It's not a site where you can get boobs, to the contrary, it's a site for a girl begging to get breast augmentation...
Do you want to decide the fate of a college girl's chest? Do you want to help give the world a pair of big beautiful breasts? Here is your chance to GIVE MICHEL BOOBS!

Which, when you think about it, is kinda depressing. I mean, her breasts really bother her that much?
I'm of the opinion that girls think the size of their chest matters far more than guys do, and this just reinforces that.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Every MacOS X user should have this in their ~/.tcshrc file....
setenv PATH /usr/local/bin:$PATH

If not that and a bunch of other /usr/local/ paths too!

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Oooo... while searching for something completely different, I ran into this page of [MacOS X/Darwin how-tos]. There some really good stuff there, not just for developers but for sysadmins too.

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Do you, uh, Rendezvous?

A couple of nifty apps have recently come to my attention that are using Apple's Rendezvous networking API in cool ways...
My browser of choice, enabling the chimera.enable_rendezvous option allows Chimera to find MacOS X ftp servers and Apache servers with [mod_rendevous] installed on your network. For whatever reason it doesn't support AFP (AppleShare IP)
[Instructions for enabling Rendevous support in Chimera]

iMIDI is an attempt to transport MIDI packets over Ethernet in order to support simple MIDI wiring between computers. This simplicity is enhanced through iMIDI's support of Rendezvous.

Sounds cool

A cluster computing system that now uses Rendezvous to link up nodes

There are a few more out there, but nothing that's quite a killer app yet. I can see how iMIDI could be pretty darn cool for "laptop techno" DJs using wireless iBooks, and there have been a couple of filesharing plugins for iTunes that will probably get Rendezvous support sometime soon.
If I get some free time (HA!), maybe I'll do a version of mod_rendevous (or something similar, say mod_zeroconf) that works on operating systems OTHER than MacOS X.

If you're interested in using Apple's Rendezvous in your MacOS X application, here are some useful starting points:
[Rendezvous] - the download for the source to Rendezvous itself. (Apple Public Source)
[ResQuerySample] - all C code (probably works on other platforms). (Apple Sample Code)
[DockBrowser] - C code, but uses MacOS X APIs. (Apple Sample Code)
[Incorporating Rendezvous into Your Cocoa Applications, Part 1] O'Reilly article on building Rendezvous into your apps, with sample code.
[Incorporating Rendezvous into Your Cocoa Applications, Part 2] Part 2 of the same.

And that should pretty much get you going with Rendezvous!

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Monday, January 13, 2003

Ah, thank god for little favors.... [Ask The Warez D00d] is still up and online. After walking the wayback machine for a while I managed to google it out of the undead server itself.

1/13/2003 03:12:07 PM ] [  ]


The Griffin Technology [PowerWave] is finally shipping, which is way cool. At MacWorld last year they were demoing it powering a full stereo system itself, and it sounded great. Griffin always comes up with cool stuff, and they are the master of [adapters], and with that they have the super-useful [monitor database], which has specs on just about every monitor ever made. If you want to connect a Sun 20" monitor to your Mac or PC, this is the place for all the info you need to hit the ground running when the UPS guy drops off a 50lb package on your door.

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Sunday, January 12, 2003

I corrected a few problems with the stylesheets and Safari.... man that is one buggy browser. The same styles, if they are in an external file it essentially ignored them.

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