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Friday, November 29, 2002

dan: even.....a toothbrush.
dan: and stuff
chelle: hehe
dan: dude.
dan: fresno sucks.
dan: ok i get to mc d's
chelle: that it does
dan: and this truck is there
dan: and i THINK that that is the drive thru, right? but it's way in the back of the lot so i'm not sure
dan: and i get closer, slowly
dan: and i see that yes, it is.
chelle: mmhm
dan: and there is this big metal gate-thingy, that just says up top "clearance 13 feet" or whatever
chelle: yeah ive seen those
dan: and i sit there behind the truck that is sitting there for like 5 minutes.
dan: and i realize
dan: that while i can see the menu, the order screen, etc. about 10 yards further down
dan: this guy, this product of millions of years of natural selection
chelle: lol
dan: just yelled "SUPER SIZED!" to the metal post of the gate.
chelle: hahaha
dan: several more minutes pass before he figures out why he is not getting an answer.
dan: to top it off, AFTER we are both done ordering, paying, etc.
dan: he gets his food, pulls forward from the window...
dan: and stops. after moving 3 feet.
dan: thus, blocking me and everyone else.
chelle: omg
dan: at this point, i can clearly see him dialing in his side rear view mirror.
chelle: omg
dan: leaning on the horn made him move.
chelle: good!
chelle: what a fucking idiot
dan: i'm glad you aren't from around here.
chelle: yeah, me too.
dan: yup

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An obvious choice for an xmas gift for me, and one I would be eternally grateful for:
[sistermachinegun: 6.6 machine]
[SMG 6.5 Record Release Show DVD]
check it out at [shopPOSI] where they are having super deals for the holidays!

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Hmmm getting popular with the [Germans]. Will I replace David Hasselhoff as a cultural icon? Only time will tell. The tip for disabling Flash banners in Chimera seems to have been well received by the Mac community, I know flash banners sure were annoying the hell out of me too.
Here is babelfish's english translation, which I worth putting here:
Also not badly: further Mozilla tapping, how one turns Flash Werbebannern off by Custom css (userContent.css) the juice, comes from Quellish Blogger Dan . (in addition, the left to the Web log did not function tonight, to Dan has taps on Mac OS X Hints gepostet)

And always entertaining, have babelfish turn and english page into, say, german, and then back into english. It's an easy way to make yourself laugh, see it in action [here] with this page

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Argh. Seems my powerbook's hinge is fubar after Ethan decided to play tug of war with it last night before we put it back safely in the car. Hopefully I can get it to stay intact till I can get to it with a Torx.

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Well, thanksgiving in Fresno was interesting.
Wednesday night, after suffering hours in traffic and getting a hotel room, I had the chance to meet Chelle's parents. We all met up at the Starbuck's closest to their house and that went pretty well. Chelle was more nervous than any of the rest of us :) Thursday morning we pretty much just hung out, we had thought about going to see Tomorrow Never Dies but the times didn't work out for us. Around 2 we got back to the house and not much was going on.

And that's when things got complicated. Chelle's pseudobrother, Ethan, all of 11 years old or so, seemed to decide I was his new toy. His new punching bag. Chelle and I were waiting for her dad and aunt to get back from test-driving her dad's Harley when Ethan just started jumping on me, which I ignored, and that proceeded into punching me in the eye and kicking my back. When he really got to be a probelm I pulled him off of me and that set him off to tell his parents.
Great way to make that first impression with her parents, right?

So much of the rest of the day was spent attempting to avoid situations where Ethan could beat up on us again without his parents around to see it. Around dinner my back was hurting from the pounding it took earlier (I have an existing back injury from a long time ago... he didn't kick me in the back and kidneys hard, he just got lucky with where to hit me), so Chelle and I hung out in her room where I could lay down and keep my back straight, which seemed to help.

After all of her various relatives left- all of whom were pretty cool, really - Chelle and I watched Donnie Darko on the Powerbook, finally. We've been talking about watching it for ohhhhhh six months or so!

The whole times Chelle was worried that I wouldn't like her family, which is silly. They're all pretty cool, and Ethan is just a rambunctious 11 year old who's into the whole attention thing (especially when he's not getting any cause realtives are around schmoozing). I thought pretty much everything went well, though she was pretty stressed with everything. It didn't help that we hadn't seen each other at all in while, so we wanted as much time together as we could get, and we didn't know wtf was going on at any given time.

So now she tells me that he Dad said we were being antisocial, and that everyone said we were being rude. Oy. You just can't win I guess.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Life ain't nothing but bitches, money, and r00t
dan: best pickup line ever is "Hey, does this smell like chloroform?"
dianne: lol
dianne: wtf
dianne: where do get all these great one line openers?
dan: mostly my ass.
dianne: lol
dan: the voices.... they tell me things.
dianne: thought so
dianne: im scared
dianne: lol
dan: why?
dianne: cos i think ur normal
dan: i'm normal?
dianne: lol in my eyes

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Monday, November 25, 2002

[And you thought you were cool, huh?]

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Blocking annoying Flash banner ads in Chimera
note: will also work in mozilla in the user chrome directory
Based on this entry on [tidak ada] I found.... uh.... I don't remember how, it was late, ok? I managed to disable those annoying Flash banner ads in Chimera (I most often see them on []). Since you probably don't have one, create a file called "userContent.css" in your Chimera user chrome directory:

~/Library/Application Support/Chimera/Profiles/default/WHATEVER/chrome

Where "WHATEVER" is a random string usually ending in ".slt".
In that userContent.css file, enter the following:

/* this hides the usual 468x60 Flash banner ads */
embed[type="application/x-shockwave-flash"][width="468"][height="60"] {
display: none !important;
visibility: hidden !important;
/* this hides the not so usual but very annoying 728x90 Flash banner ads */
embed[type="application/x-shockwave-flash"][width="728"][height="90"] {
display: none !important;
visibility: hidden !important;

Now restart Chimera and it should work. Kewl, huh?

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