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Saturday, August 31, 2002

If you don't know why [this is stupid], you need to go back to kindergarten. Here are some zingers:

"He had the cockpit door to his back, and he is pointing his weapon toward the tail" said Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge James A. Lineberger. The marshal "had the cabin folks under siege," he said.

"If he would have accidentally fired, he would have killed somebody or hurt somebody," said passenger David Johnson, 51.

I don't see people bitching when someone makes them a frappuchino at Starbuck's. Do people REALLY not understand what an air marshal does? Does CNN really think this is news? This is like a story in [the onion!]

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Hey chris -

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I don't see why it's such a big deal for her to see me.... with me, it's not seeing her that's the issue, it's the NOT seeing her. *sigh*

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yay! new ethernet card for the sparc came today!

poo! the damn sparc isn't here yet. i've got all the goodies for it, pretty much, but nothing to plug em into!

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You know you didn't get enough sleep when...
One of the girls at Starbuck's tells you someone stole 4 lbs of cawfee earlier, and you look over and see some mofo filling up a plastic bag with freezewrapped cawfee. I was so out of it, I kinda just stood there... If my brain had been working, I would have gotten between him and the door.
They ran after him and he got away :(

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Friday, August 30, 2002

oh yeah. 200mW card arrived from [jamie at netgate] today. haven't tried it out in the PB yet.

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funniest thing i've seen all day.... [ xdesertman ]

i ordered the whole [micronaut] catalog from [positron] using their [2 for 1 sale] (which ends today btw), and got it all for $30 AND a comp! They arrived today- [crandall] just rocks at everything he does. micronaut is totally different from [smg], yet it's sooo good.

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Standing outside the apartment at 4:50, when I am fairly sure she was there, screaming her name.... and no answer.
This is pretty much par for the course for our "relationship".

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Now this is about the coolest thing short of the [Danger Hiptop...] the [Nokia 7650]
Cellphone, PDA, camera, it slices, it dices, it juliennes. Of course, like all other really cool cell products...
You can't get it in the US!

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Here's your back to skewl reading list:

Neal Stephenson:
[The Big U]

Chuck Palahniuk:
[Invisible Monsters]

Johnthan Lethem:
[Girl in Landscape]
[Gun, With Occasional Music]
[The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the...]
[As She Climbed Across the Table (Vintage...]
[Motherless Brooklyn]
[Amnesia Moon]

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Thursday, August 29, 2002

If You Love Something Set It Free
If It Comes Back, It Was And Always Will Be Yours.

If It Never Returns,
It Was Never Yours To Begin With.

What if it kept running away before you could get it? What then?
I don't think she was ever mine to begin with now. After the first time.... She just got too comfortable making excuses and pushing me away. It became easy to NOT be with Dan than to deal with the feelings that came with being with Dan. I don't know what happened, where I went wrong.

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panic(cpu 0): Unable to find driver for this platform: "APPL.PowerBook1998".


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[soekris] offers small flash memory based machines that a lot of people are looking at to build their own APs. I beleive this is the board that I saw running the 200mW card as an AP at defcon.

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My inability to install the latest, greatest, neato nifty operating system once again has brought the laptop issue to the table. I've spent hundreds of dollars in the past year on parts for it to keep it running, but haven't been able to save enough for a new laptop. First, my tax refund was supposed to do it, but then a ton of bills added up and ate that up. Then I decided to have a little vacation at Defcon (which I really needed), so that put a dent in my savings...
Last night I tried to sign up for Apple's loan program but was denied. Don't get me started on my screwed up credit report, it's a lot of nofun.
I could write a nifty proposal that would get work to buy me a new PB G4. But then they would own it, and everything I do with it. Grrr.
I could probably save enough in 4 months to pay for it, but living in LA, just when you save some money things happen. Like tickets, a street cleaner hitting your car, etc.

Time to play the lottery.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

First experiments at a [Google API] based comparison shopping agent for chelle... not much luck. The idea here was that most of the places on the web for buying her kinda stuff (and, well, stuff I sure wouldn't mind seeing her in) are all selling the same stuff from the same wholesalers or whatever. More than once she's bought something online only to find later that another site had the EXACT same thing for a lower price. I noticed it wasn't just the exact same thing, but the exact same image.
So if you look at..
[and this]
Same thing, same image, different sites. Google unfortunately can't "find similar images", it doesn't actually do find by content for images but guesses at it based on the page the image is on. I took a shot at searching based on the filename for the image with not much luck, unfortunately. It's good start, but I need to think about the problem a lot more. The idea here is to find something you like on a site, then the agent spiders the web or uses Google to find the item on other sites at a lower price.

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[don't click here - 14235 kittens and counting]

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I've been looking for this since seeing it at defcon.... c0nv3r9 on the defcon forums was nice enough to point me to it, finally!
[developers developers developers developers ]

Does that make you feel small, little man?

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[Big ole list of links to wireless lan hardware]. Tres useful!

8/28/2002 12:41:38 PM ] [  ]


Ug. Probably going to have to file a "Critical" bug on this Jaguar thing. Can't even install the new $150 operating system? Grrrrrrr

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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Same bullshit with Jaguar not installing. 30 seconds after the new Apple boot logo, corrupted graphics and no installer. Ug. And this is with a working CD.

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Still waiting to try Jaguar on the powerbook. I'm wondering if Timbuktu is going to work or not, just about every other app I care about, I've checked and confirmed it's compatible. I had a nightmarish experience last night attempting to install Jaguar with no sucess- turns out I had a bum CD. Sucks to be me!

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[I Want one!] (click the link for the demo) And apparently if you can find one for sale, you can enable it on verizon and att's GSM networks. [T-Mobile] will be offering Danger Hiptops later this year :)

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A few words about building your own wireless access point or router....

What i've found out about 200mW 802.11b cards...
[netgate] offers a 200mW card for $90 - best deal there is, period. At defcon this card was being used with a homebuilt AP by a vendor and I got a fairly good look at it. There are 2 versions: one with no built in antenna but with 2 mmcx jacks for external antennas (ideal for your own AP) and one with a built in antenna and no jacks. Netgate also has a 100mW card for $65. I should be getting mine (200mW, no antenna) within a few days.
[demarctech] offers an interesting 180mW card that has a unique antenna arrangement: a flat antenna like most cards that detaches to reveal a pair of mmcx jacks. Their card runs for $150
[mikrotik] offers a 200mW card of their own manufacture for about $125. They also offer some other goodies for your own AP, be sure to check them out (though they are in Latvia, they seem to be fairly reputable)
[zcomax] and [sendao] both have 200mW cards that will be available "real soon".

If I didn't have the Sparc Classic and sbus->pcmcia adapter available to me, I would probably go with something like [this], a single board Pentium system with PCMCIA slots. You could also easily use a PCMCIA card with a PCI adapter in a [cheap PC clone], but it would take up a bit more space than the single board solution or the sparc. Computer Geeks has quite a few [cheapo peecees]. You shouldn't need anything faster than 100mHz really.
What you *do* need is a good antenna. Having that 200mW card sit there with a crappy antenna would just be a shame, like getting the world's best stereo system and wall-mart speakers. For some odd reason most of the antennas out there right now are directional, rather than omnidirectional. If you see an antenna with some outrageous dBi rating, chances are it's directional. You most likely want an omnidirectional antenna that covers a full 360 degrees. The highest dBi I've seen for far for those is 10dBi, with most being 5 to 8. Here are some sources for reasonably cheap omnidirectional antennas:
[signull] [their ebay auctions]
[hyperlinktech] (note they also have all the pigtails you could want- the cables that would go from your card to the antenna)
[netnimble] (note - netnimble offers an omni with your choice of connectors, which would save you $20-$25 for a pigtail to your card!)

Me, I am probably going to get a signull 8db omni and a pigtail from hyperlinktech. It costs a tad more than the combo offered by netnimble, but it's easier to swap antennas later, etc.
signull's site has a nifty open air range calculator that should give you some idea of what to expect with different components - you can get an idea of the increased range of an 8dbi antenna vs. a 5dbi, for example (I found it to be worth the extra $30 or so!)

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Monday, August 26, 2002

Hmm.... so chelle seemed ethusiastic about going to dinner.... but then remembered that she had to pick up jessie at work and wanted to look at cellphones. I don't know, I don't see why I couldn't be there for that. Hi? Not a big deal? It just made me feel like I'm not a part of her life. Can't see dan if I have to pick up jessie, can't bring him along and maybe all get something to eat or hang out or whatever together.
Ug. Whatever.

8/26/2002 05:02:25 PM ] [  ]


Woohoo, a [$90 200mW 802.11b card!] This appears to be the exact card that I saw at defcon for $175. Interesting... over the past week I've learned quite a bit about the current crop of 200mW wireless cards. Probably too much. At some point I'll put up a page that summarizes what I've found out.

8/26/2002 02:25:28 PM ] [  ]


Yet another day of playing with broken glass. In my infinite wisdom I managed to forget my security pass today, so I can't come and go as I please- so no smoke breaks, and of course the goddamnmotherfucking AC is cranked up because it's 100 outside and everytime a door opens the software the controls to AC freaks out, thinking the whole building is getting hotter. Fuck! It's like 50 in here.
A smattering of "Celebrity" weblogs:
[Gwen Stefani]
[Gene Simmons]
Now, do we care? Honestly, most of these people are just too out there for me. They're too busy being "celebrities" to be real people I guess. Their humaniuty has gone missing.

Back in May a bunch of people from an internet chat community I used to frequent got together close to where I work. I figured SURE, I'd put some faces to the "names" I had seen scroll by so many times. It wasn't quite the surreal experience that some people might expect, not all that many surprises, except...
I was going to buy a round of drinks and no one was telling me what they wanted, so I got [Guinness] for everyone, thinking that was a fairly safe bet.
Turns out I was the only one who would touch it. Now that was a wakeup call. A bunch of people I knew from the internet, who wouldn't drink guinness? It's hard to find a hacker who doesn't drink guiness, it's just one of those anomalies- pretty much everyone who can tell me what POSIX is will be a dark beer lover. These people weren't. They weren't geeks at all- just people.
My how the world has changed, how it has been shaped by forces like AOL and Earthlink almost like tsunamis. Chelle is a few years younger than me, just enough that her world has probably never been without email of some kind, or online shopping, or cellphones. Strange. I remember my dad getting a cellphone that took up most of the trunk of his car.

8/26/2002 01:37:23 PM ] [  ]


Sunday, August 25, 2002

Hmmm... on the way back from seeing The Lion King, spotted this....
[Fishbone, Sept 19th]
Fishbone is still uba in my book. Hmmmm Chelle seeing me dance to "Housework" and other notable favorites might scare her away for good though.

8/25/2002 10:56:24 PM ] [  ]


[My life is a series of disappointments.] Needless to say, I wanted that. For a while it was going for $100. Oh well. Like I need *more* little toys to play with.

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