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Friday, April 11, 2003

Relevance and Valence

The new Wired (they seem to have a new one every time I go by a place that sells magazines, dizam) has an article on how the MIT Media Lab is becoming irrelevant (article here: [The Lab that Fell to Earth]).
The article is mostly about funding, lack of momentum, etc. My take on it is this: whatever
There's work being done there that still amazes and inspires me. Take a look at [EyeBox], a cool volumetric scanner put together from webcams and a microwave turntable. The [aesthetics + computation group] does a lot of cool stuff, and the [sociable media group] does a few interesting things, like [Chat Circles]. SMG's [Loom2] demos and concepts were some of the original inspiration for Evil Toaster, and ACG's [Valence] continue to give me good ideas.

If I went back to school for comp sci, I would definitely like to do grad work there. They're still doing some of the coolest stuff in computer science, and doing a great job of combining different disciplines to do new and interesting things. I often look to their projects and papers for inspiration.

Irrelevant? I certainly don't think so.

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