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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

[quellish]% whoami

I am not [religious], but I'm interested in theology.
I have serious [hand salsa] embedded in my Titanium, Khyron. Beware.
I [hack, I crack,] I slice, I dice. I can write solid code and cook at the same time.
I've worked in the [porn industry]. Behind the camera, duh, not in front. Someday I'll write something interesting about it, it was fun.
I can write code in more languages than I can usually remember. When people hear I program and ask "What language?" they better have a lot of free time.
I know how to love, I know how to hate.
I went to a [prep school], but it didn't prepare me for shit.
I fly.
I've seen strange and unusual things underwater, even as far as [1500 feet down].
I know who the Infectious Grooves are, and found myself quoting Sarsippious with a coworker today.
I try not to miss [BiLE] shows, especially now that I'm someplace they only visit once every few years. I'm seeing them soon, and you will envy me if you look at photos from their shows.
I live at the [beach].
I can be quiet, I can be very loud. There's no reason behind it.
I sometimes come off as superficial, not-too-bright, or just lame. Those aren't me at all.
I have a strong personality, people seem to either love or hate me.
I am not very diplomatic, but as I get older I'm working on that.
I fart like a duck. Often.
I have [tan lines from 1994].
I've forgotten most of several languages I could once speak.
I try to turn my weaknesses into strengths, and not let my strengths define me.
I don't watch much TV.
I don't listen to the radio anymore.
I'm trying to relearn photography.
I'd like to try yoga and [Brazilian martial arts].
I suffocate under my schedule, the weight my commute puts on me, and the frickin idiots that surround me.
I take situational awareness seriously.
I am better with a rifle than a handgun.
I am stereoblind.
I spend too much time around computers.

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