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Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Cubes are designed so that screams don't echo...

I have been trying for weeks to get away and go someplace for a tiny vacation, just to get out of town since work is driving me nuts. Originally I wanted to go to Mexico, but hey, with that whole conflict overseas thing going on it didn't seem like the best idea. So I looked at Vegas, and the only time they had reasonable rates was around RIGHT NOW, and because my coworkers and colleagues are completely inconsiderate and inept, their schedule changes prevented me from not only even trying to get a reservation, but have me sitting here waiting for them to fix things and get their act together so I can have some idea when I might be able to breathe again.

Was that enough of a run on sentence?

So that has me a tad pissed off. And that was just the beginning. Since that whole comedy of errors started I've gotten several other piles of trouble dropped on me, so now I'm just stuck in a rut of depression. At some point things will be better, but until then I'm stuck in several bad places. Who knows what will happen.

On a brighter note, I wonder how you would use [the iGrill], since it's network connected and all the idea is that you can remotely tell it to start cooking when you leave work or whatever.... I suppose you would put something out on it to defrost in the morning before you leave.
Odd idea though. [Networked coke machines] are still cooler.

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