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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

A better computer

See, [this guy] knows what I really want from MacOS X. Live search folders like Copland or BeOS, a Finder that actually has consistent behavior, etc. Apple, in their infinite wisdom, has closed off most of the Finder to outside development. There are a couple of attempts out there to do a better Finder, most of them in Cocoa (the Finder is Carbon), though none I've seen so far that have the MacOS 8.x Finder's consistency. [Unsanity] does have an [API] that kinda lets you patch applications on the fly, and they use it to add [Label capabilities] to the Finder. Too bad they don't have sample for doing that using their API- with that kind of extensibility I could easily add plug in support for showing ID3 tags and such in Finder views.

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