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Thursday, April 17, 2003

The AppKit Hates Good Design

Seems that defining the layout of a window I'm working on based on an XML file rather than a Nib from InterfaceBuilder is actually going to be easiest, based on the work I just went through to get something to lay out correctly. InterfaceBuilder wants all the sizes, etc. to be locked down, while for what I'm trying they have to be dynamic and resizing on the fly based on their content, etc. which just did not work from a nib file.
Rather annoying. Rather undocumented.
So I might just load all of the layout information from an XML file instead of a nib or locking everything into hardcoded values in the code. I was going to play with that idea for doing component software anyway at some point, I guess I'd better start tackling it sooner rather than later!

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