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Thursday, March 13, 2003

Wireless Woes

So the EnGenius AP now is doing NAT and a client can connect to it, but for whatever reason it doesn't seem to be able to do a any-to-one mapping (ie NAT routing). I'm not sure why yet, but it could just be a problem with my Newton wireless driver, not NAT itself.
The slowness I was seeing with the AP up was a problem with a port on my Linksys switch, so with some shuffling of ports it's all good now.

The 200mW EnGenius card managed to get it's pigtail from Hyperlinktech stuck to it, no amount of jiggling and babying can get the pigtail out of the MMCX socket. I talked with Jamie at [netgate] about this, he's seen it with the cards too and he sent me a replacement card and pigtail before I could even say now. Yes, Jamie is way cool. Maybe this weekend I'll concentrate on getting the antenna located more ideally and set up the 200mW card.
Thanks Jamie! You rock!
Technolab is now offering [direct sales], if I can't get the antenna well set up to offer long range access I might decide to get an [amp] from them so I can push the range out a bit (getting long range is an important part of something I want to do with the AP). Their kit for Linksys APs looks to be damn cool.

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