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Friday, March 07, 2003

Un... wired

So I up and bought an EnGenius AP. It's nice because not only can it take an external antenna (included), but it uses PCMCIA cards (the EnGenius ones, which I have 3 of already, now 4 with the one that came with the AP).
It has the typical web-based UI, as well as telnet and serial interfaces.
I had it all tweaked with the SSID, etc. I wanted pretty much seconds after it came out of the box, but for whatever reason it didn't want to use a DHCP address, so it couldn't route to the internet (yes, DHCP is supported). After much fiddling I got all of... nowhere with that, so I hooked it up to the PC and upgraded the firmware to the latest version. Unfortunately, it asked me if I wanted to delete "X.bin" and I said yes (well, "(Y/y)" was the choice it gave me!) and that apparently deleted the whole web interface.
BUT now it works fine as an AP, though with no NAT. Even the Newton can get an IP from across the street.
So far it hasn't taken to the 200mW card. The 100mW card, since it's essentially the same card they provide with the AP. Maybe with the newer firmware on the AP it will work, maybe I need to update the 200mW card to one that has host ap mode support. We'll see. Re-flashing the AP firmware might get me back the web UI too (hopefully), since the telnet daemon doesn't let you set anything.
But hey, I'm typing this wirelessly on the PowerBook :)

The AP running sans antenna for the first time...

Half-assed antenna setup...

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