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Sunday, March 09, 2003

Several flashes later...

After resetting and updating the firmware several times, I got the web UI back and with all of the new options included in the firmware update, as well as a short tour through the telnet and serial interfaces.
The good news:

  1. With the firmware update, the 200mW card now works

  2. The AP works as an AP now, and can give wireless clients like
    the Newton and Powerbook IPs from my cable modem provider.

The bad news:

  1. I can't seem to get NAT to work. The AP wants to set up NAT
    stuff based on IP addresses, not interfaces, which gee, doesn't
    work well when your WAN interface is DHCP.

  2. When the AP is on, I seem to have problems on the wired
    machines. Some things just don't work, and some things are slow. I
    don't know if the AP is trying to do routing for them, if it's an
    issue with my switch, my cable provider, etc.

Which overall isn't good. If I can't get NAT working I might have to set up one of the Sparcs as a router or get a Linksys cable router and put that ahead of the AP. Not much fun at all.

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