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Friday, March 14, 2003

Months later: A short look at how the WildEepz and ScreensavRz are working

So after a few months of use, here's how I feel about the [WildEepz] and [ScreensavRz].

The WildEepz are pretty good, they've done a good job of making the closure of my 15" PowerBook G4 more secure and do seem to keep the keys from leaving marks as prominently as they once did. I'd easily recommend them to any other Titanium PowerBook owner.

The ScreensavRz, though, still seem to let marks get on the screen. This isn't permanent damage or scratching mind you, it's merely marks left of the screen my the fingertip oils left on the keys (you'll see the outline of the keys on the screen). Somehow some of this oil is getting through the ScreensavRz and onto the screen when I pack up the PB to take to work. When my new camera comes I'll try to take a photo of it.
Having ScreensavRz, though, is way better than not, and it's still good for at least wiping those marks off before using the PB.

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