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Thursday, March 13, 2003

Meanwhile, at the Whiner's Club...

[Spooky Story: Why the American media shrugged off a story about spying at the United Nations]:
"A Pentagon Papers case, essentially, is happening right now in Britain," he says, "around a memo whose revelation could dramatically affect the Security Council's vote. And by and large, Americans don't even know about it."

I wonder if the only reason that he knows the words "Pentagon Papers" is the made for TV movie that's on this week. Comparing the NSA memo to the Pentagon war studies of the sixties is an enormous exaggeration.

These journalists seem to be neglecting the fact that NSA is attempting to preserve diplomatic options. If indeed Iraq has bought the vetos of Security Council members or bribed delegates, any diplomatic work through the UN would be useless. Shouldn't we know if that's happening? Or does that equate to so called "dirty tricks"?

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