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Sunday, March 02, 2003

Jamming with the JamCam

Last week I got a [JamCam 3.0] still camera online for about $30 and have been using it pretty much every day. It's not as good as a megapixel camera that's over $200 or so, but it's very good for $30. The internal 2MB of memory hold 8 full size (640x480) or 20-something 1/2 size photos, and the picture quality is surprisingly good. The software that comes with it is for Windows and MacOS 8.6, and since this is an ultraconsumer camera it's pretty simplistic software. I've been using it with [JamX], a shareware app for MacOS X that lets you download the photos to your MacOS X machine and it's been working pretty well.
Now for my KritterCam I have the IOXperts USB webcam driver, which works pretty well, and I bought [their driver] for my 802.11b card (which I'm working on a review for). Imagine my surprise just now when I plug in the JamCam and the little IOXperts "Register Me" app launches in the dock- and tells me that they now have a [USB driver] that works with the JamCam I just connected, and allows it to work with iPhoto and ImageCapture.
Now that was pretty neato.

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