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Saturday, March 15, 2003

I got....BONEd!

A long time ago I managed to get a copy of BeOS Dano, the alpha version of BeOS 5.1. Needless to say, my attempt to install it over BeOS Personal Edition was unsucessful way back then (DO NOT attempt that, you will make PE unbootable).

Now that I have the Pentium 166 with a full install of BeOS Pro, I decided today to finally try and install Dano.... and it worked. The install should go like this:

  1. Insert the CD with Dano on it.

  2. Run BeOS's Installer program from the Be menu.

  3. Set the "Install From" popup to the Dano CD. Make sure you have at least, say, 400mb free, or twice the amount the installer will tell you it requires

  4. Run the installer, overwriting anything it wants (in my case, BeMail, etc. since I had the mail daemon replacement installed)

  5. You will probably get some install script errors. That's ok.

  6. After installing (you will probably get an error on the install script at cleans up after Installer), restart immediately

  7. Empty the trash. All of your old kernel, etc will be in there - that last installer script error was because it could not empty the trash. That should free up 100mb at least of disk space

That about covers it. Even on the lowly Pentium 166, the improvements to networking in BONE are noticable- getting mail using the BONE mail daemon replacement is an order of magnitude faster for me! Network settings are now in the "Boneyard" prefs app, use that and not the "Network" app. Set up your ethernet interface in the "Interfaces" tab of "Boneyard", apply the changes, and yes, even on DHCP you will have to manually add name server addresses. That should be about everything you need to get going with Dano :)

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