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Saturday, March 15, 2003

Here's an interesting document full of easily verifiable information that will give a lot of people something to think about...[Myths and Facts about Iraq].
Here are some of the more relevant items:

Myth: There is little food available in Iraq.

Fact: More than 13 million metric tons of foodstuffs have arrived in Iraq since the first deliveries of the oil-for-food program began in 1997. In fact, Baghdad has been caught exporting dates, corn, and grain outside of Iraq while claiming the Iraqi people are starving.

Myth: UNSCOM inspectors behaved badly and deserved to be thrown out of Iraq.

Fact: The inspectors were not thrown out of Iraq. Iraq's obstructionism and refusal to cooperate with the weapons inspectors, who were carrying out a UN Security Council mandate, prevented the inspectors from fulfilling their mission and they had no choice but to leave.

Myth: The Iraqi people do not have an adequate supply of medicine because of sanctions.

Fact: Sanctions have never prohibited or limited the import of medicine. In fact, the UN has urged the Iraqi regime to order more basic medicines, but Baghdad has refused. Saddam has been criticized by the UN for intentionally hoarding medicines in warehouses in government-controlled Iraq instead of distributing it to civilians.

And many more. The reports you hear of poor medical care in Iraq because of sanctions are untrue. Is there poor medical care? Yes. Is it a result of sanctions? No. It's because Saddam chooses who gets what in Iraq, and you may notice that all of the "inside iraq" reports on poor living conditions are conducted inside the Shiite south - home of Saddam's enemies.
If you think that he is going to give the Shia the same medical care Sunnis allied with the Ba'ath part in Baghdad get, you are sorely mistaken.

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