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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Well, after some fiddling around I got the CocoaEmbed project to work in an "offline" mode, ie no network connections. So when viewing email, it won't load an image or whatever from a spammer's server. The key was to call CHBrowserView's stop method with the flag NSStopLoadNetwork immediately after I called the loadURI method. That should prevent anything from loading over the network, but I'd much prefer to have a flag set when the loadURI method is called. Hopefully nothing will slip in or screw up because i'm stopping it right after I tell it to load. Here's the code:
- (IBAction)load:(id)sender

NSString* str = [urlbar stringValue];
[browserView loadURI:str referrer:nil flags:NSLoadFlagsNone];
[browserView stop:NSStopLoadNetwork];

Just drop that in as the load method and you should have it working. So far I haven't been able to break it any more than the debug CHBrowserView is already broken-ish.

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