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Friday, February 28, 2003

In the wonderful meeting that was supposed to be 9am Tuesday, sandwiches are served around noon. About 3 bites into mine I notice a crunch- and spit out one of my [veneers]. When I get to the restroom I realize that it came from one of the teeth that just had a root canal, and there was pretty much nothing left. I save the veneer in a cup of water and make some calls to get into the dentist and endontist.
The endontist (root canal specialist) takes a look and decides to send me to my dentist.
From the car to the denist I manage to drop the envelope with my veneer in it, and after 10 minutes of searching I find the envelope but it's empty. A toothless homeless guy is eyeing me as I search. Not good. Now the dentist has nothing to put in place in my giant, gaping smilehole. The doctor creates a temporary tooth and puts that in, and sends me onto the endontist (again) to get the first steps of the full reconstruction done.

I woke up this morning unable to move anything on my right side. I write it off to sleeping the wrong way.
Both times I'm getting poked and prodded by the dentist and endontist I develop oncontrollable twitches on my right side.
For the past few weeks I've noticed sudden jerks when sitting still and twitches.
I have a family history of MS.

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