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Monday, February 24, 2003

A swiftly tilting planet....

Reading about [MixMinion] (there was a presentation at [CodeCon] that, yes I missed, since I didn't go to this cool conference), I remember a time when a lot of people considered remailers important to the [future of the internet].

What's a remailer do? From the [anonymous remailer faq]:
A remailer is a computer service which privatizes your email. High-quality remailers are in sharp contrast to the average Internet Service Provider [ISP] which is terribly anti-private. In many cases, ISP could accurately stand for "Internet Surveillance Project". Almost every ISP can monitor, store, and share your web wanderings and email with many "authorized persons" without your knowledge. In many countries ISPs are monitored constantly by government agencies.

Which is a little harsh, but pretty much true. A lot of people are very passionate about privacy and anonymity on the internet for various reasons. Anonymous remailer services were once very controversial for the usual reasons - supposedly they were used by various bad people, and anyone using them must, of course, be a bad person.
If the original protocols that drive the internet had received the same scrutiny, they almost certainly would have gotten the same kind of response. Since the early and mid 1990s when remailers were receiving a lot of attention they have probably become more necessary than ever.
Today or tomorrow's remailers should have things like p2p networks. Stegonography. Distributed application space.
Email, as a whole, needs to be rethought. On the receiving side, POP3 and IMAP are pretty good for now, but for sending we're still stuck with just SMTP. We can do better. SMTP can be done better - most people don't realize that they shouldn't be using sendmail, that postfix and others might meet their needs better. Why don't SMTP server quarrantine malicious emails like VBScripts? Why don't they tell other servers about IPs that are probing for open relays?


My new video card for the PowerTowerPro at home came today, and since I was working from home I got a chance to install it. While it's not the best card I could have gotten (a [Radeon 7000] is the best Mac PCI card out there, I got a used [Rage 128]), it's not like I'm doing a lot of gaming on that machine, and what little I do uses the VooDoo 2 i've had in there a while. So some of the wierdness I was seeing with the old, hacked RagePro VR seem to have disappeared.

What I really want to do is give the PowerTowerPro a full makeover. I've been thinking about doing that since before I even got it - and I've even got an old case from an SGI Octane that I was going to use at one point.
Then I saw this:
The [Alienware Predator], which is pretty much the case I want. Maximum PC had a good article on it, it has pretty much everything I want, and my PowerTower Pro is actually ATX all over. So the case, a new power supply with some more juice behind it, a new [USB/Firewire combo card] with ports for both on the inside of the card so I can put in an a hub/repeater for firewire and usb ports on the [front of the machine], where they belong. And once that's done, even my own [internal drives can be firewire too].
Yup, neato.

She's got a sinus infection, which I'm all too familiar with. It sucks to be so far away and helpless to take care of her.

Best line so far from Comedy Central's "Porn n Chicken":
"First kisses have to be original!"
"It's a kiss, not a t-shirt!"

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