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Tuesday, February 11, 2003

So not only did the power go out last night, ensuring that I overslept, but the rain, wind, and clouds made sure my commute was 3 hours today, not the usual 45 minutes to an hour. And the MP3 player crashed on the way in and I had to fix it while driving. What fun!

Last night I spotted a stack of green CDs at Tower, which pretty much made my day. Tower had the whole new [Bile] catalog, which I of course snapped up. Now Bile may not actually be my numero uno most favorite band in the whole world, but it's a close second. [
, though, is probably my favorite album of all time. Not only is each song genius, but the whole album comes together as a piece of art. It's one of the few albums I can throw in the player and just let run with out skipping around between tracks. Sadly, Teknowhore is rather hard to find these days and my copy is a bit scratched up from heavy use.

Now the new album, [
Demonic Electronic]
, so far seems right up there with Teknowhore and the earlier [
. Radio stations, MTV, etc. use a lot of older Bile stuff as filler for station ads, so don't be surprised if I Reject sounds darn familiar.

Walking back to the car, arms full of ungainly packages and shopping bags, McD's bag precariously balancing on top of my forearm I passed the ever-fruity Abercrombie and Fitch store, which was closing for the night. Two of their "come hither" models were standing outside wearing clothes that were more of a testament to their slave-to-fascion (yes, fascion) lifestyle than a bow to the changing season. As I passed by the two one blurted out "If you eat that you're going to get a GUT!" in that oh-so-hackeysack way (if you went to a private school on the east coast, you'd know what I mean).
Was this a sales pitch? A come on?
I turned.
I leered, sensuously.
"They're not as gooolden brown as your spleen is going to be"
Not everyone can give that look to someone on command. What can I say, I'm a predator and I like it.

I'm writing this with the new beta of [NetNewsWire Pro], which so far seems pretty darn cool.

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