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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

[Pig], [haloblack], and Chemlab are all going to have new releases this year, with haloblack's in a month or so. In the words of one of the board posters,
wtf is this, 1996?

Not that any of us are complaining, mind you. And there is a rumor that 16volt and/or h3llb3nt are now on a major label.
Me, I'm making do with finding outargeously good [Schwein] tracks out there in the noosphere, with the occasional bit of [crackwhore] pop thrown in.

Hey, it beats listening to Kelly Osbourne. Or seeing her.

Speaking of keepin it [real], if you know someone like [this], be a real friend and set up an intervention (picked up from zFilter).
You can make a difference, yo.

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