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Monday, February 17, 2003

No box that fits...

Valentine's Day was pretty good.... Chelle and I went out to have Teppanyaki, reservations made in advance, thought we still had to wait over an hour once we got there. It was good stuff - the Chef, Jose, made it quite the experience, and we had a good time laughing at the sake-drunk people at our table.
And yes, I do like green tea ice cream.... mmmm...
Chelle tried lobster for the first time, and unlike the girl sitting next to us, knew that there wasn't a particular "side" to eat. She seemed to like it :)

After 2 days in a hotel it was nice to come home and see the ocean, even if I had to walk by someone peeing on the sidewalk on the way. She got me some cool stuff - Big Daddy and Ace Ventura on DVD, and plenty of Snickers Crunch and other assorted yummies.
She does continue to amaze me. sigh
I think it's safe to say that anything in life that you can easily fit into a category, genre, or put on your "action items list" probably isn't worth your attention in the first place, people and relationships included. Thankfully, what we have together is something that just doesn't fit in a nice neat little box like that.
And we like it that way.

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A good quick laugh