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Sunday, February 23, 2003

It was more than a little disappointing to get to Rose Cafe at 2:55 and have them tell me they were closed for brunch since their clock said 5 after.
And no, their counter didn't have eggs benedict. The Firehouse ended up surprising me with a novel hollandaise sauce that was part hollandaise, part thousand island or something and it was quite good. For whatever reason, the service kinda sucked today, and unfortunately my Newton was out of batteries so while waiting for the orange juice that never came, no dopewars for me, no sir.

CJ reminded me last week that the Newton is still full of good UI ideas that could be useful for Evil Toaster, so I'm trying to get into the habit of using it more. I still need to find a better case/holster for it than the standard leather one I have (standard for the smaller 120 series, that is). Now a [drop-leg] Newton holster that attached to the omnibelt of my packs, that would be ideal. Maybe sometime I'll [make my own.]

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