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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

I'd like a morning where something goes right

Me:"Where is everyone?"
R:"Everyone? It's usually this empty this early"
Me:"Did I miss the meeting?"
Me:"The meeting this morning with developers from -insert company name-"
W:"No that's tomorrow, not today. All day tomorrow."
Me:"So I didn't..."
R:"Have to wake up early?
Me:" 6 and go through more than an hour and half of traffic in the rain to get here on time. Yeah".


It turns out that the meetings were switched and I was put in another meeting today at 9, that was at 9 changed to 11, and has nothing to do with the work that I do. The person in charge of these meetings is apparently trying to waste everyone's time. Lovely.
I am listening to loud, angry music and restraining myself from going off on people who are deviating from the path to corporate profitability. Did I mention none of these meetings have agendas?

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