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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

The author of [Zoe] left me a comment here the other day and I was about to send him a reply (he turned me onto Zoe's XML-RPC interface), but it appears our good friends at Haloscan are acting up, and [I'm not the only one] who can't even dig up records of the post on haloscan's site. Bleh.
Overall, haloscan is good, when it works. At some point when the AP is all set, I'm just going to host the blog from the AP machine (chelle's too, probably) using something that has trackback, etc. etc. Until then, I'll keep on listening to Pantera's [Cemetary Gates] followed by T.A.T.U's [All The Things She Said].
Kissing russian schoolgirls that can sing are pretty cool. But yes, playing that after Pantera makes me seem a tad unbalanced.
Got a problem with that? ;)

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A good quick laugh