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Saturday, January 25, 2003

Yesterday I happened across [eFritz's Chimera Tricks], one of the better pages of tricks and hacks for my favorite browser. The "What's Related" bookmarklet is very cool- now I'm finding some very cool sites by using it when I visit some of my favorite pages. Integrating Google API features like that into Chimera was one thing I had thought of doing once I was able to build it, now I see that I don't need to!
And yes, I have managed to get Chimera to build on one machine... I'm going to make a pkg installer of all the prerequisite libraries and such and post instructions soon, so that more people can get a jumpstart on working with Chimera and CHBrowserView.
One thing I want to try to do is have the user-agent string sent by Chimera to work with a ruleset, so that when I visit certain pages that block non-IE browsers, I'm sending an IE user-agent string. That would be pretty cool :)

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