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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Super Duper Cool: BeOS 5 Pro on CD for less than $20!
Not only did I find that Purplus still has BeOS Pro, but right now they have an excellent deal on it:
• $17.56 For the CD (No Manuals)
• For both PowerPC and Intel (note: won't work on PowerPC machines G3 or newer)
• Free shipping on orders over $15 (so you get it USPS Priority mail for free!)
You can check it out [here]

If you really want a manual, [The BeOS Bible by Scott Hacker] is better than anything Be provided, and in fact for a while The BeOS Bible and BeOS were bundled together.
Get it while you can! BeOS is still the most cutting edge, well thought out piece of software around.

And just as supernifty: [a guide to wireless on BeOS].

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