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Friday, January 03, 2003

Paying to have your brain turned to tapioca
Well, today I finally up and did it. I ordered cable.
For 5 years or so, I've had MediaOne/ATT's internet service, which has always rocked. I even worked for them for a while. But I'm the guy that didn't have a TV for 3 years, and now even though I am being charged for Basic cable, I don't have a box, so I get...... TNN. And all of the Korean, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish channels. And yes, other than TNN's Star Trek:TNG marathons, that does suck. It's.... un-cable. Cable without the things you get cable for.

So since Chelle is something of a cable junkie, though she would never admit it ("Oh guess what's on! Wait... Dan is TBS cable?"), I finally up and ordered Digital Cable with a decent package, though the pricing here in LA is something above extortion. You'd think that I was having a hazmat team hand deliver polonium each month at this price (though granted, I'm paying about a 1/3 of it now for.... TNN). Thinking about it, for Sci-Fi, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, and Discovery, it's probably worth it to me. Maybe. Not like I watch a lot of TV. Chelle thinks it was a bad idea and I should cancel it, but she ain't the one who hasn't seen South Park in 3 or 4 years. I suppose if I think I can live without it in a few months I'll ditch it.

And Chelle wanted me home at 6.... it's now almost 5, shit. But I just popped 6 months of off and on hard work out of the CD burner here at work, and typing this via the EnGenius wireless card. Life is good.

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