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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Next on FOX: When China Attacks!

You think that Iraq is a big deal? You think al Queda is going to ruin your weekend plans with another "Paisley Alert" from the Justice Dept.?
[China’s Military Planners Took Credit for 9/11]
[PLA Colonels on "Unrestricted Warfare": Part I]
A few years back two Chinese Generals published a guide to winning a war against America, with catchy sounding chapters like..
Chapter 1:The Weapons Revolution Which Invariably Comes First
Chapter 2:The War God's Face Has Become Indistinct
Chapter 3:A Classic That Deviates From the Classics
Chapter 4:What Do Americans Gain By Touching the Elephant?

Chapter 5:New Methodology of War Games
Chapter 6:Seeking Rules of Victory: The Force Moves Away From the Point of the Enemy's Attack
Chapter 7:Ten Thousand Methods Combined as One: Combinations That Transcend Boundaries

The book reads more or less like a modern Sun Tzu, advocating unconventional manuever warfare such as terrorist attacks and attacks on a country's economy and infrastructure, much like the fictional Japan-India-China scenario in Tom Clancy's Debt of Honor.
It's quite interesting, and the Joint Chiefs have taken it very seriously. Liang and Xiangsui, the authors, push for subversion and terrorism as instruments of national policy goals, breaking America's will to fight rather than decisively engage the U.S. militarily...
Could these be the first shots in a war with China?
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