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Thursday, January 02, 2003

New Year's Eve was the two of us snuggled in a hotel room, two $1.50 mini bottles of cheap champagne in styrofoam cups, toasting without words, cause we didn't need any. It was just about.... perfect.

Wether the day is sunny or stormy, she's the one I want with me. And she wonders why I'm happy today.

The new EnGenius card I got from, the [2011CD], which isn't even a 100 or 200 mw card, gets a great signal. At work I plugged it in and immediately got an IP address from an AP that I hadn't even been able to sniff a few days before. Pretty cool. Now when I'm in pointless meetings I can get more work done (or [sniff what other people are doing]). Over the holidays I found two new sources of great antennas... and amplifiers... for 802.11 on ebay. Check em out:

[high-gain_antennas] has antennas and 200mW Sendao/EnGenius cards for sale, and had some Linksys antenna kits up a few days ago. I've been talking with him and he's had some good suggestions and comments on the various antennas.

[technolab] has more nice antennas (especially small Yagi directional antennas) amps, and kits for turbocharging Linksys access points.

Maybe I'll get a nice antenna soon... within a few days I might have the $20 Pentium system up as an AP sans antenna using the PCI->PCMCIA adapter card I got and [cqure AP]. Should be an OK interim solution until I can get the Sparc working with NetBSD.

And I have to admit, this teeny [USB GPS] receiver goes on my "i want" list. It works with pretty much any software and is self powered and the size of a quarter. It's one of those things you can do so much with. I mean this cheap, you could get two and have one on each side of your laptop, giving you a differential GPS capability. Something as small as this, you can easily sew it into the strap of your laptop/etc gear bag and plug it in when you need a position fix. There are already XML-RPC and SOAP services that let you do lookups based on GPS coordinates, you could write something in Java, AppleScript, Perl, etc. that finds you the closest gas station, open access point, etc. Tons of them are listed on []. It would be pretty easy for someone to write some pretty killer apps with this hardware and access to services like this.

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