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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Do you, uh, Rendezvous?

A couple of nifty apps have recently come to my attention that are using Apple's Rendezvous networking API in cool ways...
My browser of choice, enabling the chimera.enable_rendezvous option allows Chimera to find MacOS X ftp servers and Apache servers with [mod_rendevous] installed on your network. For whatever reason it doesn't support AFP (AppleShare IP)
[Instructions for enabling Rendevous support in Chimera]

iMIDI is an attempt to transport MIDI packets over Ethernet in order to support simple MIDI wiring between computers. This simplicity is enhanced through iMIDI's support of Rendezvous.

Sounds cool

A cluster computing system that now uses Rendezvous to link up nodes

There are a few more out there, but nothing that's quite a killer app yet. I can see how iMIDI could be pretty darn cool for "laptop techno" DJs using wireless iBooks, and there have been a couple of filesharing plugins for iTunes that will probably get Rendezvous support sometime soon.
If I get some free time (HA!), maybe I'll do a version of mod_rendevous (or something similar, say mod_zeroconf) that works on operating systems OTHER than MacOS X.

If you're interested in using Apple's Rendezvous in your MacOS X application, here are some useful starting points:
[Rendezvous] - the download for the source to Rendezvous itself. (Apple Public Source)
[ResQuerySample] - all C code (probably works on other platforms). (Apple Sample Code)
[DockBrowser] - C code, but uses MacOS X APIs. (Apple Sample Code)
[Incorporating Rendezvous into Your Cocoa Applications, Part 1] O'Reilly article on building Rendezvous into your apps, with sample code.
[Incorporating Rendezvous into Your Cocoa Applications, Part 2] Part 2 of the same.

And that should pretty much get you going with Rendezvous!

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