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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Very cool...
Apple releases [IP over Firewire Preview Release]. For those who don't know, FireWire is a sort of uber-serial connection that replaced SCSI for mass-storage (hard drives, CD drives, etc.) for Macs, and is the same thing that modern DV cam corders use (Sony's iLink is FireWire minus a pin, the two are interchangable). It's hot-pluggable, so you can plug and unplug stuff on the fly, and it's VERY fast. Current FireWire is almost the speed of GigaBit ethernet - so IP over firewire would let you transfer files between two machines very quickly. It would be really cool if Linksys came up with a simple FireWire to Ethernet Bridge so that an IP over FireWire network could be connected to a larger ethernet network or a cable modem. Right now you could do that yourself pretty easily by using a MacOS X machine as gateway between the FireWire network and an Ethernet network. If you want to use IP over FireWire with MacOS 9 or Windows, Unibrain's [FireNet] has been doing IP over FireWire for a couple of years.

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