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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Not only did they screw up my bagel order this morning and load it up with onions and stuff (there is a time and place for everything - but onions and tomatoes don't belong on my lox and cream cheese bagel!), but it happened yet again at Starbucks.
Her: "That was uh... peppermint mocha you said?"
Me: "No, just a plain mocha, with no whipped cream, please"
Her (writing on cup): "No... whip... ok."
You would think I should have clued in when it came out to be more than a dollar more than it usually is, but I certainly got a nasty surprise when I took a sip walking to the car. Not only was it peppermint, which I don't like one bit, but it was VERY strong. Like, mouthwash.

So since then I've had a blasting headache and I have a $5 mocha that's completely undrinkable.

But on a brighter note.... [ho!]

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