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Saturday, December 28, 2002

Here's a more in depth [review] of the iRock 530 I got Chelle. The two things that it seems to be lacking are:
ID3 Tag support: It doesn't show track name, etc. info, just the number of the track in memory. Kinda sucks. My old Rio 500, which is pretty much the same thing, had pretty good ID3 tag support.
Backlighting (ie you can't see the display in the dark): Again, the Rio 500 had this. The new Rio players, and the new Nike-banded Phillips players, have all these features as far as I know, but are about 2-3 times the cost of the iRock. For less than $150, the iRock still has great bang for the buck. Chelle adores hers, loves that it fits in her pocket and all. I showed her my Rio 500 and she seemed to like it too (my Nomad, of course, is too friggin big to be of much use to her).
From everything I have seen and heard, the iRock is the best value for the money, and the best thing you can get for under $200.

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