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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

After looking around for PCI PCMCIA adapter cards for like two days (they're hard to find for under $40-$50), I ran into this [post on seattlewireless's hot news] page, which not only has the [adapter] (which lets you put a 802.11 card into a desktop machine of anything with a [proper PCI slot]), but it seems that [] has the [200mw] (this may or may not be the 200mw one) and [100mw] enGenius cards for VERY CHEAP.

Excellent xmas presents for your favorite geek. They list the cards as only being Windows compatible, but actually they work with pretty much anything (MacOS X, MacOS 9, Linux, Newton, BSD.... etc. these use the Prism 2 chipset). Get em while you can!

As far as PCI PCMCIA adapters, the [Techworks/Buffalo tech] one is one of the cheapest I can find, and the one that Lucent/Orinoco tech support quietly recommends customers who have trouble with Lucent's hardware.

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