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Monday, December 16, 2002

Can you hear me now?
Larry has been trying to get some answers on wether he can build an access point on Windows 2000, and it doesn't look like he can.
So here are some things I've found out in the past few months that might help others.
Operating systems that you can use to build an access point:
Both the current FreeBSD and OpenBSD will work pretty much out of the box
[FreeBSD 5.0 RC1] : x86, sparc64. I do not know if earlier versions work.
[OpenBSD 3.1] : x86, sparc64, etc but NOT sparc (nell/stp doesn't seem to be in the openbsd kernel for sparc!)
MacOS 9 with an Apple Airport card support software base station mode, though apparently you can't do this on MacOS X yet.

Linux, though of course you have to jump through a LOT of [hoops] to do it. Larry didn't have much sucess here. You need the [hostAP drivers], you need to be able to recompile your kernel (probably repeatedly), etc.

While looking on [freshmeat] for something else, I did run into this, a [single-floppy linux-based access point]. Supports prism cards, of course. Might work for larry, and I might actually end up getting a little x86 machine for a couple of buck tomorrow and try this (I'm getting tired of waiting to build NetBSD-current to do it on the sparcs).

Here's a decent explanation of just what [HostAP] mode is. And yeah, the Soekris stuff is still [pretty darn cool].

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