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Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Apparently there is a new Braun razor under the tree for me which is disappointing, since I already got one a couple of months ago *sigh*. Too bad I could not clue my parents into the online xmas list I put up. If we had wireless in the apt. in SF *maybe* they would actually use the net once in a while.
At least I can depend on Chelle to get me kewl stuff! See, while running around SF today shopping for Dad (my amazon order for him would not have gotten here in time, dammit), I realized that just walking down the street I could find stuff that should would completely flip over.... and she can do the same for me. How cool is that? Mind you, we are wierdos who aren't easy at all to shop for.
And [my favorite SF comic store] on Market had a couple of my missing [Gen13] issues, as well as Out There, so I picked a few up and read 2 on the way home on the cable car. Before I went to golden apple last week in Hollywood I had no idea that I missed the end of Gen13, which sucks, and now I have to play catchup to find out what happened. That's what I get for not buying comics for a year.

Dad says he's "not ready" to watch Dog Soldiers. Bastard, he's going to watch it anyway.
Chelle should be in Vegas right now, hopefully finding time away from her family, which is what she needs right now, and hopefully she brought the extra batteries for her new iRock (I went into CompUSA in SF today and found they have a 3 day sale on the kinda-crappy-but-oh-well [10GB Archos Jukebox] player for about as much as the iRock cost.... oh well). I miss her. Lots. Hopefully I'll see her when she gets back. I know what 2 or 3 of the things she got me for xmas are, and yeah, she rocks my socks like you would not beleive.
Man, I love my gangsta bitch.

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