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Monday, December 23, 2002

And MAYBE tomorrow I will get one of those radio shack gadgets and see how it works at detecting access points. We'll see.

Since my parent's haven't asked what to get me for xmas, this is what I think they might have gotten me...

1. Money. "Buy yourself something you ass!"
2. A cellphone. I'm not that lucky though.
3. A digital camera. You never know, CJ could have clued them in.
4. An access point. Again, CJ or Elaine might have clued them in.

I suppose I'll have a better idea once I look under the tree, of if mom asks me. Two years ago they basically took me shopping after xmas and told me that since I would never get it myself, we were getting a TV. We went to Corte Madera and got it that day in the Enterprise (dad's BMW). Who knows, maybe they will do that again. Last year they got me the DVD system I wanted after CJ asked me if I would rather have that or an iPod (at the time, I had no computers an iPod could talk to anyway).

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