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Thursday, November 21, 2002

Well, OK. Maybe besides a digital camera, for x-mas I could use a new pair of fins. Mine aren't in great shape, and I could use some more powerful ones that fit a bit better. I've been looking at [ForceFins] for a while, in the past couple of years they've come out with some really innovative stuff - everything from better hydrodynamics to a better fitting foot pocket and heel (the heal on my fins is crap- I get numbness, etc. no matter what booties I wear).
Force Fin's [latest model] is pretty darn cool. Not only does it have all of their recent innovations, but you can swap out the blades. So you can put on short blades for a different kicking style - like if you were going on a reef dive - or longer blades like free diving fins for more endurance.
I sure wouldn't mind the [OPS fin set], though the package runs $500 and I sure don't dive THAT much!

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