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Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Read this... ripped from the cDc blog-
What to say when a friend makes an effort that just plain sucks? 12 ambiguous but ego-soothing phrases that stop just short of lying, from Esquire:

1. You've done it again!
2. Wow! What more can I say?
3. Everybody's talking about it!
4. Look at you go!
5. You must've been practicing forever! How did you find the time?
6. Congratulations. You must be so proud.
7. So interesting.
8. I love those opening credits/steak knives/jacket photos.
9. Did you have formal training?
10. I've never seen/read/tasted/heard anything like this before.
11. Jesus! I can hardly make it out the door in the morning, and you...
12. What a stinking pile of shit! Just kidding.

Now read it again, this time thinking of it in the context of oral sex.

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A good quick laugh