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Sunday, November 03, 2002

Odd street names:

Now most people may not realize this, I know for a long time I had no idea, but the area above the knee where it meets the thigh muscle, that point where it dimples on either side when you bend your knee, can be awfully ticklish in some people. I don't think it is for me, and I didn't know if it was for Chelle, but when we came across Nees, I sure found out!
By the time we were across the intersection I had her giggling and screaming and thrashing in the passenger seat. That felt pretty darn good :)

IHOP, in Fresno, on a Saturday morning, is full of insane people.
Fresno in general is full of insane people.
On lady eavesdropping on us turned her head and said that tabasco was good on popcorn.
Another ate her meal with half her teat hanging out.
On the way there we saw some 16 year old chick driving a Mercede mini-SUV next to us, curling her eyelashes as she drove - turns out that Chelle knows her. Where was this wannabe-streetwalker rich bitch going? IHOP, of course! It's the place to be in Fresno!

My farts sound like I have a duck in my ass? Well, he's a very friendly duck, not a mean goose!

With a little bit of luck, I'll be spending Thanksgiving with Chelle's family, and we'll have something nice to tell them :)


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A good quick laugh