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Sunday, November 10, 2002

Most people would never think that I was once very anti-smoking.
Once upon a time, I used to stomp on cigarettes in the ground to make sure they were out. I have no idea where I got that idea from.

I once thought that even smoking one cigarette would have untold long-term health effects.

Then at summer camp one year, the counselors were getting stuff for our yearly cabin outing across the lake, and we had them get licorice, soda, etc. - and since our British counselor was a smoker, I had him get a pack of cigarettes. I figured I'd give them to him for being a good guy, right?

Well, he gave them right back to me! I have no idea why. I gave them to Nat, weeks later we ended up smoking ONE - I didn't even inhale - and that was it.

Years after that, in my freshman year of high school (boarding school, for those of you that don't know), I started smoking. Camel lights at first, then Marlboro Reds. Yes, smoking is icky. But in boarding school, under a lot of stress, having an excuse to sneak off campus is a good thing. And for those 4 years, I smoked 1, maybe 2 a day. I didn't smoke much at all over the summers - in that heat of a New Jersey summer, I just didn't have any desire to.

The first night in my own place in college, I realized that I could probably smoke all I want. I frantically read through my lease agreement before turning a McDonald's cup into a makeshift ashtray. Within several days, I had jammed my garbage disposal with butts. In NJ, we didn't have disposals - they were illegal - so I had to read up at Home Depot on how to fix that problem. Pretty soon I was at about a pack a day..... and have only stopped a few times since.

Why do people talk about the internet as if it's a place, or a road? "Get on the internet"? What is there to get "on"? Odd.

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