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Friday, November 29, 2002

Hmmm getting popular with the [Germans]. Will I replace David Hasselhoff as a cultural icon? Only time will tell. The tip for disabling Flash banners in Chimera seems to have been well received by the Mac community, I know flash banners sure were annoying the hell out of me too.
Here is babelfish's english translation, which I worth putting here:
Also not badly: further Mozilla tapping, how one turns Flash Werbebannern off by Custom css (userContent.css) the juice, comes from Quellish Blogger Dan . (in addition, the left to the Web log did not function tonight, to Dan has taps on Mac OS X Hints gepostet)

And always entertaining, have babelfish turn and english page into, say, german, and then back into english. It's an easy way to make yourself laugh, see it in action [here] with this page

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A good quick laugh