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Friday, November 29, 2002

dan: even.....a toothbrush.
dan: and stuff
chelle: hehe
dan: dude.
dan: fresno sucks.
dan: ok i get to mc d's
chelle: that it does
dan: and this truck is there
dan: and i THINK that that is the drive thru, right? but it's way in the back of the lot so i'm not sure
dan: and i get closer, slowly
dan: and i see that yes, it is.
chelle: mmhm
dan: and there is this big metal gate-thingy, that just says up top "clearance 13 feet" or whatever
chelle: yeah ive seen those
dan: and i sit there behind the truck that is sitting there for like 5 minutes.
dan: and i realize
dan: that while i can see the menu, the order screen, etc. about 10 yards further down
dan: this guy, this product of millions of years of natural selection
chelle: lol
dan: just yelled "SUPER SIZED!" to the metal post of the gate.
chelle: hahaha
dan: several more minutes pass before he figures out why he is not getting an answer.
dan: to top it off, AFTER we are both done ordering, paying, etc.
dan: he gets his food, pulls forward from the window...
dan: and stops. after moving 3 feet.
dan: thus, blocking me and everyone else.
chelle: omg
dan: at this point, i can clearly see him dialing in his side rear view mirror.
chelle: omg
dan: leaning on the horn made him move.
chelle: good!
chelle: what a fucking idiot
dan: i'm glad you aren't from around here.
chelle: yeah, me too.
dan: yup

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A good quick laugh