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Friday, September 27, 2002

Things that now, at least, she'll never know (cause time has passed already)...
-The many times she was supposed to be here, I cleaned. Like for several days straight, washing, scrubbing with bleach, getting covered in all kinds of icky stuff.
-Because of her, I'm cooking more again. For a while every night, now maybe one night a week. Much improvement over once in a blue moon.
-For a while, at least, I was smoking much less.
-For a while, I was being much better about picking up after my nasty self.
-I was stocking the fridge with Dr. Pepper. I don't like it much at all, ended up drinking it all just to get rid of it.
-There might be mint chocolate chip ice cream left in the freezer (or I might have made shakes out of it, crunch crunch)
-No dishes left in the sink.
-Once in a while, I smile.

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