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Thursday, September 26, 2002

Meetings suck.
The past two days, I've spent nearly 90% of my work days in various meetings. What I didn't know in the first meeting yesterday was that it was triggering my learning disability. It wasn't until an hour or so into it that I realized what was going on with me.
It didn't help that much of what was going on had nothing to do with me.
It helped a little that I could tune it out, open up my powerbook, and direct myself to do something else, and lose myself in it. A wireless connection in the office would have helped, but I managed, a little.
I needed to get out. And I couldn't.
Today was day two of meetings, and I didn't fare much better. At this point I think that some of my problems are worse - or just different - than they were when I was in school. I definitely need to work on better strategies for coping with it. The meetings were not productive for me, to say the least. I couldn't concentrate on what was going on, and I couldn't exactly step outside for a few minutes.
I suppose I need more help than I realize.

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