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Monday, August 26, 2002

Yet another day of playing with broken glass. In my infinite wisdom I managed to forget my security pass today, so I can't come and go as I please- so no smoke breaks, and of course the goddamnmotherfucking AC is cranked up because it's 100 outside and everytime a door opens the software the controls to AC freaks out, thinking the whole building is getting hotter. Fuck! It's like 50 in here.
A smattering of "Celebrity" weblogs:
[Gwen Stefani]
[Gene Simmons]
Now, do we care? Honestly, most of these people are just too out there for me. They're too busy being "celebrities" to be real people I guess. Their humaniuty has gone missing.

Back in May a bunch of people from an internet chat community I used to frequent got together close to where I work. I figured SURE, I'd put some faces to the "names" I had seen scroll by so many times. It wasn't quite the surreal experience that some people might expect, not all that many surprises, except...
I was going to buy a round of drinks and no one was telling me what they wanted, so I got [Guinness] for everyone, thinking that was a fairly safe bet.
Turns out I was the only one who would touch it. Now that was a wakeup call. A bunch of people I knew from the internet, who wouldn't drink guinness? It's hard to find a hacker who doesn't drink guiness, it's just one of those anomalies- pretty much everyone who can tell me what POSIX is will be a dark beer lover. These people weren't. They weren't geeks at all- just people.
My how the world has changed, how it has been shaped by forces like AOL and Earthlink almost like tsunamis. Chelle is a few years younger than me, just enough that her world has probably never been without email of some kind, or online shopping, or cellphones. Strange. I remember my dad getting a cellphone that took up most of the trunk of his car.

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