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Sunday, August 18, 2002

So one of the things I'm working on someplace between sleeping, driving to work, and berating coworkers is setting up my own wireless accesspoint/router for home. [A friend] was getting rid of some Sun hardware, and hey, at under $10 for a Sparc Classic, how could you go wrong buying that, right? I had originally intended to use it as server for things like tgps (tgp=pr0n$), but then I got this crazy idea...
sparc classic + sbus->pcmcia bridge + 802.11b card = access point.
Cheaper and more flexible than buying a linksys (though I wouldn't mind one anyway!). With some luck and some saving of money, I'll get the [200mW card] I saw at defcon x this year and I'll be able to provide access to a good portion of Venice. Yes kids, 200mW - 2x-4x the other guys. Now, the neato thing here is that since it's not just a lil embedded system with flash memory like a linksys of airport AP, I can do some [interesting stuff]. Donations of 802.11/2.4GHz goodies are always welcome ;)

Since the company I work for is just selling sugared water like the other guys, and that's never going to change, I just have to change the world from home, one byte at a time.

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