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Tuesday, August 20, 2002

OK, depending on what kind of geek you are (and if you're not a geek of some kind, wtf are you, anyway? go away!), you may or may not have heard of [DeepFlight] before. It's been in Popular Science, National Geographic, etc. off and on for the past 10 years. Quite cool...
From their [FAQ]
Previous submersible craft all use variable weight and or displacement (ie ballast and buoyancy tanks, drop weights, etc.) to change their apparent weight in water causing the craft to either sink or become buoyant and rise to the surface. Variable Buoyancy (VB) is then a fundamental characteristic of the bathyscaphe, submersible, and submarines. In contrast, Deep Flight I has no VB systems; rather it moves vertically through the water, under power using forces developed on its wing surfaces similar to an aircraft. Deep Flight I makes an analogous transition underwater that balloons/blimps made in air to heavier than air machines, or fixed wing aircraft.


So yes, not only is DeepFlight, the coolest, sexiest thing to hit the water, but now you can not only [take a ride] in the two person version.... you can take [UNDERWATER FLIGHT SCHOOL]

I'm sorry, nothing is cooler than that. I had thought about taking a certain someone not only on a flight lesson, but a [dogfight]. Now I know that we're going to take the Deep Flight school someday, and then Dan is going to design and build our own subs. Dogfight? Maybe. Fly with whales, dolphins, and mantas? Definitely

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